segunda-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2020

Machu Picchu - Join us!

Who's ready for Machu Picchu?!
SOUTH AMERICAN ADVENTURE 2020 - Open Reservations!
Join us here:

Here's your chance to discover the mysteries and stories of the oldest civilizations of our world! Board together at a train that will take us to Machu Picchu - you will be amazed by its beauty and secrets! A chance of a lifetime!
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Northeast 2020 trips have started!

150 students! 3 trips! 1 big journey!
Northeast 2020 trips from Terra Brasil Turismo have started!
Check below the Blog and Facebook Photo Galleries of our trips:




terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2019

Happy Christmas!

Terra Brasil Turismo wishes everyone a Happy Christmas!
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Amazon 2020 - Open Reservations!

Reserve here:

Get ready for an experience of a lifetime: swimming with pink dolphins, meeting real indian communities, taking a survival course in the jungle, visiting the land of the waterfalls and living on a boat for 4 days like a native…these are just a few of the highlights of our trip.
Guarantee your Early-Bird Promotional Price for reservations and payments done in advance - for a limited time!
Join us!
#IamTerraBrasil #Amazônia2020TerraBrasil

South American Adventure 2020 - Open Reservations!

South American Adventure 2020 - OPEN RESERVATIONS!
Join us here:

1 Trip and 6 Countries! Here's your chance to be part of a real expedition!
Best part is that you can take the complete trip or choose the exact segments you would like to travel to! Make the trip of your own!
Be sure to guarantee the Early-Bird Promotional Price for all segments - available for reservations with payment for a limited time - price will change/increase soon! You can't miss it!
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terça-feira, 19 de novembro de 2019

Northeast Jan-2020 - Trips are getting Sold out!

ATTENTION: Trips are getting Sold Out!
Reserve and Pay now:

We have just opened a few more limited places by getting bigger buses for the trips. At this moment, we have:
- 4 more places for Northeast January-1
- No more places for Northeast January-2 (reservations will be moved to the waiting list)
- 4 places for Northeast January-3

Join us and guarantee your place at this adventure!
#IamTerraBrasil #NordesteJaneiro2020TerraBrasil


ATENÇÃO: As viagens estão lotando!
Reserve e Pague agora:

Acabamos de abrir mais alguns lugares limitados ao conseguir ônibus maiores para as viagens. Nesse momento, temos:

- 4 vagas para o Nordeste Janeiro-1
- Sem vagas para o Nordeste Janeiro-2 (reservas direcionadas a lista de espera)
- 4 vagas para o Nordeste Janeiro-3

Junta-se a nós e garanta seu lugar nessa aventura!
#IamTerraBrasil #NordesteJaneiro2020TerraBrasil

segunda-feira, 11 de novembro de 2019

Pantanal & Bonito 2019 has ended! :(

The trip was a success and we're sure all the exchange students enjoyed it a lot! Once more we thank all students and our incredible team of Coordinators, Chaperone, drivers and suppliers. A special thanks to Families, Host Families, Officers and Chairmen - thanks for the support!
We see you all again at the Northeast trips - which are coming close!
#IamTerraBrasil #PantanalandBonito2019TerraBrasil
A viagem foi um sucesso e temos certeza de que todos aproveitaram bastante! Mais uma vez agradecemos a todos vocês, intercambistas, e ao nosso incrível time de Coordenadores, Chaperone, motoristas e fornecedores! Um agradecimento especial as Famílias, Famílias Anfitriãs, Oficiais de Intercâmbio e Chairmen - obrigado pelo apoio!
Vemos todos vocês de novo nas viagens do Nordeste - que estão chegando!
#IamTerraBrasil #PantanalandBonito2019TerraBrasil