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NORTHEAST 2011 is coming!

Hey Exchange Students! While Northeast Nov/Dec 2010 has just ended! NORTHEAST JANUARY 2011 is coming! Are you ready for a summertime in Brazil? Check it out already the official blog of the trip! See you all soon!
NORTHEAST Jan 2011Official Blog

quarta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2010

Chapada Diamantina/ Leaving to Maceió

Boa Tarde!

Ainda estamos em Lençóis, mas estamos de saída para Maceió, a PRIMEIRA PRAIA DA VIAGEM : todos estão bem animados!!
Até agora a viagem está maravilhosa e todos estão aproveitando muito! Hoje estamos bem cansados de todas as caminhadas e passeios que fizemos na Chapada Diamantina, mas VALEU A PENA!!! Subimos ate o alto do Morro do Pai Inácio (onde a vista é MARAVILHOSA), conhecemos o Salão de areias coloridas, nadamos no Rio Mucugezinho e agora cedo nos esbaldamos no escorregador natural: todos adoraram!!
Só vamos chegar a Maceió amanhã, pois hoje vamos fazer um pernoite técnico em Aracaju, para descansar e evitar estradas à noite, para a maior segurança do grupo!

Saudações do coração da Bahia,

Débora Labarrère
Coordenadora de Viagens/Inbounds
Terra Brasil Turismo

Good Afternoon!!

We are still at Lençóis, but we are leaving in a bit to Maceió, the FIRST BEACH OF THE TRIP: everyone is really excited about it!! Until today the trip is perfect and everybody is enjoying a lot!! Today we are really tired because of all trekking and tours we made here, at Chapada Diamantina: but WORTH IT!! These days we went at the top of Pai Inácio hill (with Its PERFECT VIEW), went to the colored sand saloon, swam at Mucugezinho River and had a blast at the Natural slide this morning: everyone just loved it!!
We will arrive at Maceió just tomorrow, because today we will stop at a city called Aracaju, to rest and avoid driving at night, thinking about the safety of the group!

Best Regards from the Heart of Bahia State,

Débora Labarrère
Trips/Inbounds Coordinator
Terra Brasil Turismo

terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

On going - NORTHEAST Nov/Dec 2010

Curious to know what exchange students are doing in NORTHEAST?

After getting to Brasília (the capital city of Brazil), exchange students had the General Orientation of the Trip in which all the rules of the trip were explained. They were also examined by our doctor in order to verify any health measures to be taken.

Visit in Brasília went well as all were amazed by the architecture and power of the political center in Brazil. Then, exchange students headed to the state of Bahia, making a stop in the city of Ibotirama to sleep and rest. Next day, the trip continued to Lençóis (Chapada Diamantina) as they visited Pratinha Farm and were amazed by the clear waters of the local rivers!

They’re now having their second day in the beautiful city of Lençóis!

You can check all the details of the trip, photos, reports and videos in the official blog of the trip - http://northeastnovdec2010.blogspot.com/

The blog is being a success already, but we want you to follow it and leave your comments there!

Keep tuned for more news soon!

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18 days for Pantanal and Bonito 2010!

Don't you have a reservation yet? What are you waiting for? Run to our website and make your reservation!
We're almost full, just been waiting for you!
Facebook Event
Digital Program of the Trip

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Northeast January 2011


The exchange students' dream tour has opened its reservations!

29 days of sun, beaches, friends and parties! Are you ready for it?
So join us in this adventure - make your reservation on our website - http://www.terrabrasil.com/

Visit our Facebook event by clicking here!

And download the Trip Program over here!

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segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010

RIO - Animation on 3D

An animation about the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro.
Next year on theaters!

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A Terra Brasil tem uma nova Página no Facebook. Utilizávamos anteriormente um Grupo, mas achamos mais adequado criar uma página, junte-se a nós clicando aqui.