quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2012

Exchange Students in BRAZIL 2012-2013!

Are you an exchange student in BRAZIL during 2012-2013?
Do you have a Facebook account?
If so, join us on our Facebook Group Intercambistas no Brasil 2012-2013
It's a great chance to find other exchange students in your region, talk about common subjects and know a bit more about the exchange trips available during your exchange!

2012-2013 trips are coming! Get ready...

Exchange Students 2012-2013,

WELCOME TO BRAZIL! Terra Brasil Turismo wishes you all an amazing exchange year. Soon, information on the upcoming tours will be available at our website (www.terrabrasil.com). Feel free to contact us any doubts or questions that you have!
Keep tuned and get ready for the trips!

Terra Brasil Turismo.