terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 - Ending today!

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 - The trip is ending today! Exchange students are disembarking in São Paulo at the bus stations (Barra Funda or Tietê) and airports (Guarulhos or Congonhas)!

Hey Exchange Students,
So, how was the trip? Did you like it? We loved it and we would like to thank everybody for this trip! It'll be something we'll never forget! Keep tuned and hope to see you on any other future trips!
Terra Brasil Turismo Team

Olá Intercambistas,
Então, como foi a viagem? Vocês gostaram? Nós amamos e gostaríamos de agradecer a todos por essa viagem! Lembraremos dessa viagem para sempre! Fiquem ligados e esperamos vê-los em outras viagens futuras!
Equipe da Terra Brasil Turismo

segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Updates from Northeast January 2012 (4760)

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 (4760) - On the other trip, exchange students also visited Recife, but now, they're in Natal where today, they will take an exciting buggy ride through the famous dunes of Genipabu and at night, a typical Luau!

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 (4760) - This group on the other side was at Praia do Forte in Bahia, where they visited the TAMAR Project and spent some free time at the beaches! Now in Recife, today is the day to go on for a city tour in Olinda!

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 (4760) - At Praia do Forte (Bahia), this morning was the time to visit the famous TAMAR Project in help of the sea turtles species! Free time at the beach in the afternoon.

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 (4760) - Check the photos of the trip! So far: General Orientation, Forro Classes and tour at the capital Brasília! Today, exchange students are heading to Chapada Diamantina (making a quick stop for overnight at Ibotirama).

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 (4760) - Has just started! Exchange students are now having their General Orientation!

Northeast 2010 by Angie Gubbels!

Updates from Northeast January 2012

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 - After having an awesome time together in Recife and Praia do Forte, making a city tour and visiting the community in need of 'Brasília Teimosa'! It was the time of the antecipated Talent Show! So much fun! Today, exchange students are in Salvador!
NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 - Once in Natal, exchange students paid a visit on the world's biggest cashew tree! It was also the time to experience an awesome buggy ride through the dunes of Natal! Today, they're heading to Recife!

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 - After a boat ride and swimming in the natural pools of Pajuçara in Maceió, exchange students are heading to Natal, at the corner of Brazil! More beaches and fun ahead...

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 - After awesome days at Chapada Diamantina, enjoying activities such as zip lines, natural slides and swimming, exchange students will say goodbye to this city, heading to Maceió today - the first beach city of the tour!

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 - Exchange students are in Lençóis (Chapada Diamantina) having a great time on the zip lines of Pratinha Farm and visiting the outstanding Pai Inácio's Hill!

NORTHEAST JANUARY 2012 - The trip has started! First, the 100 exchange students had the General Orientation where it was presented all the rules of the trip! Then, a 'forro' class and teh first tours - Brasília!